When I decided to take control of my finances, reducing the clothing budget was a serious challenge for me. Two pre-teen girls and a teenage girl certainly didn’t make life any easier.

Download music from the Internet. You can legally access unlimited music by paying a flat monthly rate. Just don’t resell the music or you might end up in jail.

Is my child gifted? The dictionary defines “gifted” as “1. having great special talent or ability and 2. having exceptionally high intelligence.” In my world, the “gifted” child is a true oddity. This world is home to a wide variety of children and an even broader spectrum in their abilities. In the scope of general education, most kids fall within a normal range; anything below or above is beyond what most schools can handle. In these cases, it’s the parents who must take up the fight to provide a proper education for their child.

I found that changing the way I approached them on the subject made things a little easier. For instance we don’t buy “used” clothing. We buy “previously owned, unwanted, or gently worn” clothing. And, I was sure to point out the many benefits of shopping at these budget saving resources.

Of course, we have an obesity problem in the United States and consuming sugar products adds to this dilemma. But, besides the weight problem many face, sugar is also harmful to our brain according a new study. This research found that a diet high in fructose, a common type of sugar, may impair memory. Now, that would explain ‘why’ we have more and more students qualify for special Tutorial Classes. Could it be one’s diet?

Located in Clarke County, Athens is home to the University of Georgia. The founding and subsequent growth of Athens has primarily been due to the prosperity of this major university. In 1991, the city formed a unified government with Clarke County, now referred to as Athens-Clarke County. U.S. Census estimates in 2005 put this community’s population at 103,238, a 3% increase since 2000. The metro area had 175,085 people. The racial profile of Athens finds 58.6% of residents were White non-Hispanic, 27% African American, and 8.9% Hispanic. The average household size was 2.3 people. No surprise for a college town, is the very young citizenry with an average of 26.9 years. Married couple families accounted for just 28% of city homes.

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (FUN) announced last week that 2008 revenues through Labor Day were up 3% to $852 million. In addition, attendance was also up 3% to 547,000 visits. On a same-park basis, revenues through Labor Day advanced 5%. FUN said it is cautiously optimistic that momentum during the peak vacation months of July and August will continue into the Fall season. The company reaffirmed its full-year revenue outlook of $990 million to $1.02 billion.

Another grim statistic from the report is the inclusion of laid off workers and those who have settled for part-time work – including those folks the statistic is now called the underemployment rate and it is 16.8%. And if you think of it, this may be a more accurate number to look at because so many, many people have had to settle for part-time jobs to get by.

Thus it would seem the people in Canada are, on average, working less and earning more, which is a great development that speaks to the ever-strengthening economy.

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