At present day we get enough requests are sent, how many previously during the week. In the case of views relevant to the case in court proceedings, we see the beginning of a wave of proposals, which will grow in the coming months. After just four months of 2016. Spent twice as much as the views in the whole of 2014. Recent only one of the law firms filed as many as 13 such requests. So you can see that the second report encouraged to fight for their rights in court, and spend significant views just at the stage of court proceedings.

It is worth remembering that people who liquidated in previous years, with unit-linked insurance and suffered losses in this respect, may claim their alignment before the court. We assume that this group will be in the coming months, most pointed to us with a request for a material view. However, they must check if their claim is not time-barred. There is no doubt that for insurance contracts is three years. This period shall run from the date on which the claimant or event received a written declaration by the insurer to grant or refuse the benefit. But there are judgments – incline to them – which are of the opinion that the limitation period passes after 10 years.

Such a judgment occur when lifting by the customer that the charge was not due liquidation. In our opinion insurers in litigation charges of liquidation they are in most cases doomed to failure. Fees for dissolution are generally considered to be abusive, which means that you can not retrieve them, and if you have already downloaded, it must be returned in their entirety, often with interest. Then there are the costs of the losing process. Customers equipped with the arguments contained in the second report will be more and more boldly to demand reimbursement of decommissioning.

With the announcement of the media we hear about the need to solve the problems of hundreds of thousands of people involved in these products. Until the advent of this regulation, insurers still have a chance to consensual and satisfying customers’ solution to this problem, and what we urge you to strongly urge. They should remember that the alternative is a top-down regulation. The scourge of double insurance agents? Society losing patience – the On Wednesday, the Supreme Chamber of Control published a report which shows that the changes in the education system have been prepared and implemented unfairly. According to NIK, they have not made reliable financial analysis and organizational impact of the reform, also raises doubts about the process of preparing the new core curriculum. In addition, the Chamber assessed that the Ministry did not carry out reliable and comprehensive analyzes of the possibilities of admission to graduate VIII classes of primary schools and middle schools wygaszanych III classes.

The occurrence of the so-called. double vintage means that the secondary and post-primary schools in September 2019. must adopt by nearly 370 thousand. more data uczniów.Z school superintendents from January 2019. it showed that the state of preparations for the double vintage was different in the country. Number of seats in proportion to the number of students joining the recruitment was less in eight provinces (eg. In the Wielkopolska province by more than five thousand.), And higher in the seven provinces (eg. In the Podkarpackie region of approx. 11.5 thousand.).

Head Prime Minister’s Office said in RMF FM that did not read the entire report NIK ws. education reform and knows it “only circumlocutions media.” He noted, however, that is no guarantee from the Minister of Education Anna Zalewska that schools are prepared for this, to accept all pupils in September. “I believe that the minister was right, has the support of the entire apparatus of the Ministry, if they were any problems certainly ministry would have to take to intervene in this matter,” – he added. “The first stage of the education reform ended successfully – we gave parents the ability to decide whether children have go to school at the age of 6 or 7. Secondly grammar schools were abolished, which – in our opinion – are eliminated a number of pathologies, “- said Dworczyk. The legislature accepted that in principle a document confirming the enfranchisement will be issued from the office. The procedure of the Administrative Procedure Code defines the different rule, ie. That the certificate issued is always at someone else’s request. Besides this type of document is an act of knowledge, and not that of the body, so there is no character prawotwórczego – does not settle any case, does not create new legal situation, nor does it directly shapes the legal relationship.

Certificate authority only confirms the existence of a particular legal status on the basis of information already contained in the records or registers. In turn, issue documents on the basis of the Act state commented transformation rights. The enfranchisement not result directly from the data stored in files held by the local government. What’s more, the clerk must verify in relation to a person in general came to enfranchisement. Whether there is any indication of impairment, eg. Whether the premises is located in apartment building, in which at least half of the units are a Sale In addition, the certificate is the basis for an entry in the land registers.

This issue will also be discussed in this komentarzu.Kolejnym issue, where we will be, the procedure for contesting the charge restructurings. In this context, we will also be discussed issues arising from the recent amendment of regulations commented. As for the law of 31 January 2019. Amending the Act on Real Estate Management and the Law on transformation of perpetual usufruct of land for housing built in the ownership of the land (Journal of Laws of 2019. Pos. 270).

It entered into force on 13 February 2019. And include, inter alia changes in the rates of perpetual usufruct of the real property on which are located garages or parking places not used to doing business. WEEK with comments – database publication date in the weekly Local Government and Administration commented Act: • 17 December 2004. On liability for breach of public finance discipline • November 21, 2008. On Civil Service • November 22, 2008. Local Government Employees • September 13, 1996. on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities • January 5, 2011. – election Code • February 11, 2016.

State aid in bringing up children (in terms of the program 500+) • June 10, 2016. amending the Act on medical activity and certain other acts • of 20 December 1996. on municipal • June 17, 1966. on administrative enforcement proceedings • 14 December 2017. amending the Act on the prohibition of promoting communism or any other totalitarian regime the names of the organizational units, auxiliary units of municipalities, structures, buildings, and public facilities and remembering ki and the Law amending the Law on Prohibition of promoting communism or any other totalitarian regime by the names of buildings, facilities and public facilities • January 11, 2018. amending certain acts in order to increase the participation of citizens in the process of selecting, operation and control of certain public authorities ( extract) – changes in the election code read more in the EDGP >>>

– The analyzes say that again will be a recovery in the real estate sector development, related to the entry into force of the government program “apartment for the Young”. In addition, the global economy is beginning to bounce back after the crisis, so perhaps real estate prices will go up – says Slawomir Information Agency Newseria Wrzosek from the Higher School of Banking in Wroclaw. – Surely some Poles will wait for a government program, you will want to benefit from subsidies, because for hire – from 30 to 40 thousand. zł in larger cities, you can finance a renovation mieszkania.Do transaction may also encourage the falling prices of mortgage loans. Today, because we have the lowest interest rates in history. – Low WIBOR make us the ability to increase and this is a good time for customers who want to purchase the property, because their creditworthiness increases, so they can afford a bigger apartment or a larger credit – explains the expert. Rent pays off in big miastachZdaniem Slawomir Wrzoska should also consider the purchase of real estate for investment purposes, eg. For lease.

The expert notes that the investment can be profitable mainly in large cities, especially where there are many students. – The real estate market in large cities leased related largely academic area will certainly be enjoyed further popularity. We have here an example of Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw – says the expert. – In this area, some customers purchase such property for rent and thus earns extra środki.Często students themselves are considering buying an apartment as an investment. However, you should take into account that its profitability will depend on both the cost of credit and the financial situation of the borrower. – There is currently a trend in larger cities, that young people arriving to study, eg. A day, wondering whether it is not a good idea to purchase real estate and partly repayment leasing part of the property – says Wrzosek.W rental segment, as sales in the segment, is the most expensive in big cities. This means that the average price of rent a small, two-bedroom apartment ranges from 1.1 thousand. to 1.5 thousand. zł.

Is the most expensive in the capital, but also pay above average in Wroclaw. – For a long time it is said that rental housing Wroclaw is one of the most expensive. The average price of renting a small two-room apartment is formed here at the level of PLN 1,650 – adds Slawomir Wrzosek.Niektórzy purchase properties in holiday resorts. Sometimes even they live in them by some part of the year, and seasonal rent them to tourists. – As a rule, apartments are dedicated to a certain group of customers. Many customers acquires the property by the sea, situated close to the resorts – explains Sławomir Wrzosek.zobacz also: How to sell an apartment in a crisis? It turns out that almost a feat extreme »How to arrange a functional 11-meter bedroom? “Housing prices in August and September up» Apartment for Young: The program of subsidies to housing market can crash »Real Estate Superior are becoming more popular, and the demand for them report not only Poles. – I mean the apartments. Increasingly, people are buying from us in the western part of Europe or other countries.

Poland may, after Euro 2012, is very popular and more and more often to such transactions – adds the expert. They force since the amendment of the Act of 28 November 2003. Family benefits (ie Journal of Laws of 2013. Item. 1456, as amended.) Was clearly decisive for the fact that farmers, their spouses and household members are eligible for support in connection the occupation of the disabled.

According to the amended rules one of the conditions for these persons to provide care, special care allowance or allowance for the caregiver to attach to the application a statement of cessation of the farm or perform its work. Municipalities recognize these people help, but do not pay for them, as for other caregivers, social security and social insurance for health, they are subject to b0 insurance from another title. The Labor Department in the Communication of 9 June 2014. Pointed out that if these people are given the help and are subject to compulsory pension insurance in the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund, are not reported to the Social Insurance Institution. Gallery: What is a pencil and allowance – the privileges of employees in Poland on July 2 Meanwhile, its communication on this matter issued ASIF headquarters.

He explains that the declaration of cessation of a farm or work in it determines that the person no longer meets the conditions of the Act of 20 December 1990. On social insurance of farmers (Journal of Laws of 2013. Item. 1403, as amended .) and will be excluded from it. The consequence could also be a farmer nieuzbieranie appropriate period of being insured, necessary to establish the right to a pension from the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund. – After posting this message there was a huge fuss because already the first awarded benefits.

Some people, especially those who have a few years to retirement, probably will not be composed of no application, if they knew, what will be the result – says Alice Kindracka of family benefits under the Municipal Center for Family Assistance Social Parczewo. Peter Spiżewski, head of family benefits MOPS in Pulawy, adds that farmers will now have to assess whether it is more advantageous for them to provide the download, or remain in the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund. Also emphasizes that in this case, the two departments should work out a common position. We asked the Ministry of Labor to comment on this. According to the adopted changes to the employer for employment of young people for a year will receive a monthly return of the lowest salary. Over the next 12 months will be required to continue to employ such an employee, but their resources. It will, however, had access to the National Training Fund and money on improving the qualifications of employees.

The refund will be available from 1 January 2016. The amendment specified formulas division of funds between each province and the rules for the transmission and settlement of money. The Act introduced limit of 3 billion zł for the costs of refunds. The Parliament also adopted an amendment proposed at second reading by the PO pin points of the new rules of financing solutions to support employment of young people. The government adopted the position of the project assessed that it is possible to finance in 2016.

Additional expenditure on the refund at an amount not exceeding 700 million zł, and in subsequent years to 1 billion 50 million zł. See also: How cheaper to hire an employee? “One thing the recruiter is looking at each employee» Master looking »According to the government in the first year of the new solutions can help take approx. 30 thousand. unemployed for 30 years, and for three years – 100 thousand. “It is predicted that will benefit from the support of 20 per cent. Of all eligible persons under 30 years of age (114 832 persons), of whom 90 per cent. (103 349 people) of the employer extend the contract of employment (so you will not be obliged to pay the resulting support, together with statutory interest accrued) “- calculated in the position of the government to the bill. Changes in the law entered the principle that the refund can not use the company that in the last six months slowed employees.

It was about protection against dismissal been employed workers and replacing them unemployed to 30 years covered by the refund from the Labor Fund of salaries and social security contributions. The project submitted to the Sejm deputies of the coalition, but he was part of the announced in the election campaign b.

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